How CTOs and Developers Drive Interoperability Between Organizations

How CTO’s and Developers Drive Interoperability Between Organizations

In this era of digital transformation, interoperability has become inevitable for businesses to succeed and gain ground in the highly competitive market. And, a major strategy that propels interoperability is that CTOs must design software keeping in mind the needs of developers.

Now, how’s that possible? Let’s find out.

What is Interoperability?

It refers to the capacity of computerized systems – applications, software or services, that are technically and heterogeneously different, to seamlessly exchange information with each other for providing a better user experience. From an enterprise point of view, interoperability is a kind of ‘give and take’ policy.

The best example in this regard is that of Uber. Instead of developing their own payments API, Uber utilized third-party API services. In return, Uber developed APIs for such third-party apps which helped the company to gain more business via the apps.

MVP is a Good Beginning

CTOs must realize that no standalone software can be 100% successful. Hence, avenues for interoperability should be created right from the beginning of software development. One sure shot way is to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

First, build features that are only necessary for the optimal functioning of the product. As user’s needs evolve, you can let third-party developers build more features on top of the MVP. Thus, you create the opportunity for others to innovate and add value to your product. It’s a win-win situation for both sides.

Design for Interoperability 

Just like the example of Uber, a robust API defines the level of interoperability between two businesses. So, CTOs must take care to design APIs by considering third-party developers as the end users. An API design that is mediocre will drive disinterest among developers and dissuade them from using it.

Hence, invest your time and effort to build an API that will help developers to access it with ease. Reduce glitches by providing them with comprehensive SDKs for accurately calling your API. In this way, you will improve their productivity, and in the long run, they will share their experience via forums, blog posts and Github projects. Thus, your business will get the necessary mileage needed to achieve target objectives.

In Closing

In this digitally changing world, cutting-edge technologies and tools create a whole new ecosystem for product development, and CTOs must be aware of the technology trends that are attracting developers. This will ultimately accelerate the efforts in achieving interoperability.

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