Most Popular Travel & Booking API's in 2021

Travel APIs are used by online travel companies, travel agents, hotels, resorts, homesteads, vehicle rentals and customers to make their travels easy and hassle-free. Applications built with trendy APIs will definitely remain a favourite with your customers.

The latest APIs in the market aim to provide rich user-experience and highly efficient when compared to the previous versions. Travel APIs act as control panels for developers that makes it easier for them to link different software components without tinkering with the main source code. The idea is to make the customer’s life easier by making third-party integrations, so a person who wants to book a hotel room, can book it at the hotel, and order a car rental as well.

The most common type of API used globally is the GDS API or Global Distribution System that acts as a single point of access for accommodating flight tickets, hotel booking, car rentals, ferries and other travel products used by online booking websites, travel agents, travel corporations. Resellers of travel services don’t have to connect with individual service providers, but rather, connect to a single API. The most commonly used GDS providers are Amadeus, Travelport and Sabre.

People like to use all-in-single-place platforms, henceforth the requirement of an application programming interface that connects different software products, their data streams and functionalities is quite high. A developer team that knows the best APIs in the market is an asset to application development. The whole idea is to draw the customer closer and eliminate any discomforts they are likely to feel while travelling and booking tickets. Here are the most commonly used APIs in the travel industry.

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