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Restaurant Table Booking App


A popular restaurant chain contacted Scalans to create a dedicated table booking app for allowing their customers to make online reservations. Reducing waiting time for customers and relieving restaurant staff from attending booking calls were the primary reasons for developing the app.


Two types of softwares had to be built – iOS and Android apps for customers and an admin panel (web portal) for the business owner. An intuitive user-experience with zero glitches was what the client anticipated from the products.

Our UI/UX team designed the mobile app homepage by adding HD images and simple graphics with a mix of tints and tones that matched the restaurant’s logo color. Customers can sign-up/login and book a table by entering details like number of persons, date and time slot. For this, appropriate UI widgets are suitably placed. Once booking is done, a confirmation message is generated. Customers can also view reservations, browse menu, choose dining areas and do online payments.

The admin panel has a UI in tabular format with main categories listed in rows and highlighted on the left side of the screen. All the customer details regarding table bookings, cancellations, payments, dining history, reviews and ratings, etc. reflect on this portal and the admin/manager can easily control operations through it. 

Platform: iOS, Android and Backend Web Portal
Technologies:  Swift Programming, iOS SDK, Kotlin, Android SDK, PHP -Laravel, MySQL.


The app helped customers to conveniently reserve tables anytime; even during the restaurant’s peak hours; without making any phone calls. This enhanced customer satisfaction which was further boosted by deals and discounts offered via the app.

For the client, the incidence of open tables reduced and they could plan in advance the correct number of dishes to be prepared in a day, thereby eliminating food wastages. Overall,  brand value increased as the restaurant was able to provide hassle-free hospitality to customers.

“Desperation sometimes drives innovation.”

Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber


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