Top 5 App Ideas that can Sustain Your Business in the COVID-19 World

Top App Ideas that can Sustain Your Business in the COVID-19 World

Social distancing, lockdowns, travel restrictions and people’s quarantined lifestyle have adversely affected business operations for some time. But technology has proven to be the shot in the arm for companies struggling to stay relevant amidst the pandemic situation.

This blog post focuses on 5 best on-demand app ideas that businesses can implement in order to sustain themselves in the COVID-19 world

  1. Fitness Apps

With gyms closed and jogging banned in public places, fitness enthusiasts have embraced apps to stay fit during this period. In fact, a recent study predicts that the fitness app market will grow by $1.68 billion during 2020-2024.

So, gym owners and trainers can build their own apps to continue engaging with their customers. Major types of fitness apps are:

  • Fitness Trainer Apps –  allows users to pick a training coach; eg: a yoga instructor
  • Home Workout Apps – for doing routine workouts at home.
  • Activity-Tracking Apps – tracks and monitors user’s physical activities.


  1. Educational Apps

With lockdowns enforced in different parts of the world, schools and colleges are closed; however, the process of learning has shifted online. In this scenario, the educational sector can adopt digital learning approaches like m-learning and e-learning apps.

Some of these include – 

  • Language Learning apps – to learn foreign languages.
  • Classroom Learning apps – interactive learning of school subjects using video chat and gamification methods.
  • Online Courses apps – skill-based learning; useful for industry professionals 
  1. Telemedicine Apps

Telehealth services are gaining momentum as frequent visits to hospitals for routine checkups is not practical owing to the risk of getting exposed to the coronavirus.

That’s why a telemedicine app is essential. These apps help in delivering non-emergency services, wherein doctors remotely diagnose patients and prescribe medicines or suggest treatment solutions.

  1. Virtual Event Apps

Many companies have cancelled or postponed their annual conferences, seminars and other corporate meetings. But thanks to virtual event apps, things are slowly getting better.

For instance, Nutrition 2020, a virtual meeting conducted using a host of online platforms including Zoom, drew over 30,000 attendees; almost 9x the regular attendance. Utilizing virtual event apps has two main advantages – participants can attend live sessions and communicate with each other; and companies can save time and money needed to organize an event.

  1. Grocery and Food Delivery Apps

Supermarkets, local grocery stores and restaurants are already feeling the pinch of COVID-19. Such businesses can develop online delivery apps for enabling customers to place orders, pay online and get food and groceries delivered at their doorsteps.

These apps offer contactless deliveries, i.e; there is no person-to-person contact, thus ensuring safety for both customers and delivery staff.


The on-demand app market is booming and your business can make the best out of it by partnering with the best technology vendor to build robust web and mobile apps. 

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