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Over the years, cross-platform apps offering native app-like experience have piqued the interests of both startups and enterprises. If you are also interested in cross-platform app development, then try Flutter.

A brainchild of Google, Flutter is a UI software development kit that builds visually attractive apps for multiple platforms – iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, etc., using a single codebase. Google Ads, Alibaba and Hamilton Musical are some of its top customers.

Why Choose Flutter for Mobile App Development?

Flutter follows a reactive architecture and primarily uses Dart, a client-side, object-oriented programming language known for faster compilation speeds and productive development.

Native-like UI

Beautiful user interfaces having a native feel is the main highlight of Flutter apps. This is possible through a variety of UI widgets which are in line with Cupertino (iOS) and Material Design (Android) looks.

Great Performance

Flutter offers outstanding native performance because Dart utilizes AOT compilation technique to compile the native code, without using JavaScript bridge. Also, a constant 60fps is guaranteed in Flutter apps.

Hot Reloading

It has an efficient hot reload tool that gives real-time coding insights. Errors can be corrected on the spot and the entire app doesn’t have to be re-run after every bug fix or feature update.

Pre-built Widgets

A unique feature of Flutter is its impressive library of pre-built, customizable widgets for layout, gestures, animations, images, icons and many more. So, Flutter doesn’t need any extra OEM widgets

Quicker Testing

With a single codebase for both iOS and Android platforms, app testing in Flutter is faster and easier. Developers have to write automated tests just once, thus improving their productivity.

Faster Development

The presence of custom widgets and hot reload tool help accelerate the development speed and shorten time-to-market Flutter apps. Also, developers have to code less due to a single codebase.

Our Flutter Services

As a top Flutter app development company, Scalan Labs helps businesses transform their unique ideas into mesmerizing, user-friendly cross-platform  apps.

Our proactive team of Flutter experts are strongly proficient in Dart and have time and again delivered industry-specific solutions for both iOS and Android platforms.

  • Flutter Cross-Platform App Development
  • Flutter App UI/UX Design
  • Flutter App Testing & Analysis
  • Flutter App Migration & Integration
  • Flutter App Maintenance & Support
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I worked with Scalans on two major web app rebranding projects, both were highly customized. Both sites turned out great, they kept up to date and stayed on deadlines. I would recommend Scalans for anyone doing upgrade that has a clear path of what they want and need.

Ben Holsen
Sr Program Director, Tech Mahindra, USA

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