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Angular JS is one of the most popular programming languages preferred by front-end developers, used for developing innovative and high-performance websites and web applications. Scalan Labs being the best AngularJS web development company in India, USA and Canada, offers declarative coding to help our customers across globe.

Launched and maintained by Google, it is an open-source JavaScript-based web application framework mainly used to develop single page applications.

With the release of Angular 2, built on TypeScript, and its successors upto Angular Ivy 9, this language helps to build dynamic and secure apps that are both mobile and web browser compatible. Our AngularJS app development services give you more control over your website with the utmost flexibility. Along with creating AngularJS mobile applications, our solutions are built to be scalable, reliable, and secure.

Why Choose AngularJS for App Development?

The powerful HTML components, in-built testing capability and other versatile features of AngularJS makes it the top choice for developing dynamic software solutions.

Simple Architecture

AngularJS follows a simplified MVC architecture that splits the application into different logical modules. This eliminates unnecessary code and ensures faster loading of pages

Faster App Development

AngularJS has many pre-defined solutions like UI routing, filters, directives and modular capabilities that help developers customize their work process and deliver apps on time.

Lesser Coding

There’s not much coding required for AngularJS. With the help of HTML directives and declaratives, codes are easy to understand and with Angular’s modular structure, codes can be reused.

Intuitive User Interface

For building the UI, AngularJS depends on HTML – which is highly intuitive and declarative compared to JavaScript. This helps in creating lightweight apps and simplifies app development.

Efficient Testing

With the dependency injection feature of AngularJS, unit testing becomes easy with every single component of the app tested in isolation and errors are caught and troubleshooted efficiently.

Two-Way Data Binding

AngularJS supports data exchange from view to component and vice-versa, thus making the UI simple and easy to use. It is helpful for developing apps that focus on data manipulations and calculations.

Our Angular JS Services

The ingenious Angular developers at Scalan Labs have the right proficiency and experience of all the Angular versions – from 2.0.0 to the latest 9.0.0. By blending your ideas and our expertise, we give you top-notch Angular applications that will stand out from the crowd and take your business a level higher.

  • Angular App UI/UX Design
  • Custom Angular Web/Mobile App Development
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • App Migration Services
  • Angular App Upgradation
  • Angular App Maintenance & Support
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I worked with Scalans on two major web app rebranding projects, both were highly customized. Both sites turned out great, they kept up to date and stayed on deadlines. I would recommend Scalans for anyone doing upgrade that has a clear path of what they want and need.

Ben Holsen
Sr Program Director, Tech Mahindra, USA

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