React JS vs Angular JS: Which is the Best Technology to Develop Your App?

Developed by Facebook and having a smooth learning curve, ReactJS is an SEO-friendly JavaScript library that builds dynamic user interfaces.

A product of Google and having a steep learning curve, AngularJS is a front-end framework that has a powerful tool-set for building dynamic websites and web apps.

Both have a component-based architecture that allows code reusability and easy maintenance, but there are some basic differences between the two.

Let’s check out.

  1. Programming Language

ReactJS uses JavaScript ES6 and JSX script, an XML/HTML-like syntax that simplifies code and helps detect and debug errors quickly.

AngularJS uses TypeScript, a super-set of JavaScript, that helps developers to write cleaner and high quality code.

  1. Document Object Model

ReactJS has a Virtual DOM that  tracks and updates only specific elements of the tree structure, thereby optimizing memory usage and improving performance.

AngularJS utilizes the browser’s DOM i.e; the Real DOM where the whole tree is updated for a change in a single element.

  1. Data Binding

ReactJS follows a one-way data binding approach, wherein the view (UI) changes only after a change in the model (business logic). This improves code stability and makes debugging smoother.

In AngularJS, two-way binding exists, where a change in the model triggers a change in the view and vice-versa. This simplifies work and the data remains synchronized at all levels.

  1. App Performance

ReactJS showcases unmatched app performance due to the high-speed rendering through Virtual DOM that reduces page-loading time.

AngularJS is a step backward in performance due to the Real DOM and bidirectional data flow. However, Ivy, the latest version of Angular, has features that significantly improve performance.

When to Use ReactJS

ReactJS is best suited for building customized and high-performing single-page applications having lots of dynamic content. ReactJS offers the flexibility to access a wide spectrum of third-party libraries that cater to app requirements.

Also, if you want to develop a mobile app, then React Native is the ideal choice.

When to Use AngularJS

When you are tightly bound to business deadlines and want to develop and launch an app in record time, then it’s wise to go for AngularJS.

Being a full-fledged framework with pre-built UI elements and out-of-the-box features, AngularJS is perfect for developing enterprise-level applications.


As you have seen, both the technologies have their share of pros and cons, but are still popular among developers and business owners.

Now, to choose between ReactJS and AngularJS will entirely depend on your business requirements and the expertise of the app development company that you want to work with.

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