Intelligent Apps: The Next-Gen Apps that are Redefining User Experience

Intelligent Apps: The Next-Gen Apps that are Redefining User Experience

Mobile apps are no more a luxury, but a necessity in our daily lives. Nowadays, it’s Intelligent apps or I-apps that are creating new waves among businesses and consumers. In fact, a study by Markets and Markets forecasts the Intelligent apps market size to touch $46.98 billion by 2023.

Today, we shall learn the features of Intelligent apps and also take a quick look at some of the best ones available in the market.

So let’s dive in.

What are I-Apps?

We would like to define Intelligent apps as pieces of software possessing brains! Though that’s far from the notion of human intelligence, I-Apps are innovative mobile apps that  utilize Artificial Intelligence solutions such as  Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning, Predictive Analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to produce useful results.

Using AI-powered algorithms, Intelligent apps leverage real-time and historical data to deliver faster, smarter and personalized user experience and thus, help users to make better decisions.

Why Develop I-Apps for Your Business? 

The integration of AI into mobile apps is reshaping the app development landscape and also the overall revenue of various industry verticals.

Intelligent apps have some key outstanding features:

Data-driven Performance

Data is central to the functioning of I-apps; they gather and process user data from various sources, like IoT sensors, to create actionable insights.

Quick Adaptability

With the help of ML algorithms, I-apps ‘learn’ to adapt well to dynamic human behavior thereby, offering valuable suggestions as per changing user demands.

High Responsiveness 

These apps analyze and quickly respond to speech, gestures, images and motion inputs. This eliminates the need for inputting commands via the keyboard.

Omnichannel Capability

AI  and Machine Learning are already driving omnichannel customer journeys. Intelligent apps understand the need for common responses, irrespective of the platform/channels on which the user interacts and comes out with the desired output.

Some Reputed I-Apps

We are familiar with popular AI-powered personal assistants like Apple Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. There are many other promising I-apps too.


Microsoft’s personal assistant app Cortana uses NLP to answer user’s questions and provide personalized recommendations. It sets reminders, schedules tasks, gives real-time updates and even reads new emails received by the user.


ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is a pronunciation app that aids you to enhance your English speaking skills. It uses speech recognition technology to understand and refine your English accent through short lessons, tests and instant feedback.


If your child is lagging in studies, then this app will help. Using text and speech recognition, Socratic comes up with visual explanations for verbal or image-based questions. It also provides additional online resources collated from blog links or YouTube videos.


An emotional health assistant app, Youper leverages AI and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques to help users to track and understand their emotional well-being through personalized conversations and meditations.

Hound, Google Allo, FaceApp and Flo, to name a few, are also good I-apps that you can try.


Intelligent apps have started a revolution in most of the leading industry sectors like Fintech, Healthcare, Media, Education, etc. And if you want to join the league of businesses reaping the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, then don’t hesitate to hire experienced app developers to build your next mobile app.

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