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How to Select the Best Technology Stack for Web Development

A robust software product is the result of a technology stack, i.e., a set of tools, programming languages and frameworks that work together to achieve the ultimate goal of a web or mobile app.

The aim of this article is to enlighten business owners about the five key factors that determine the selection of tech stacks for web development.

  1. Type of the Project 

Projects vary in terms of sizes – small, mid-level and large; and complexities – simple, medium and complex. The tech stack that works for one, may not be feasible for another. 

For example, small projects like single-page websites can be built using a simple tool like Readymag. But, a large project like an online marketplace needs a combination of cross-functional technologies. Hence, the project type plays a major role in finalizing a tech stack.

  1. Choice of Scalability 

For a seamless business growth, a website or web app must be able to smoothly handle huge volumes of users; without abruptly slowing down or crashing. Hence, pick those technologies that have impressive scaling capabilities.

The tech stack should support either vertical scaling (adding extra software in the app for processing new tasks) or horizontal scaling (increasing number of servers for handling user traffic), or both. 

  1. Assurance of Security

Websites and web apps handling sensitive information like customer data and/or transaction details are most vulnerable to security threats.

So, preference should be given for a tech stack that offers high-level security functionalities. Developers must focus on the basics of web application testing and conduct multiple testing cycles by following best practices. This will ensure zero security vulnerabilities in the end product.

  1. Time-to-Market 

For an early product release, you can go for technologies that help build a Minimum Viable Product or MVP. Since only the most basic features and functionalities are incorporated in it, an MVP can be developed and launched in a shorter time span.

But for a full fledged app, the time-to-market may vary depending on the expertise of developers in the stack chosen, and access to third-party integrations for incorporating certain functionalities (without having to develop from scratch) in the product.

  1. Development Costs

Finally, the overall cost of product development is also important. The expenses increase proportionately with the project size and complexity. Developers well-versed in the most popular tech stacks will demand higher salaries.

Furthermore, the product maintenance costs should also be considered. You may have to spend on subscription fees for accessing advanced features of certain free and open-source technologies.


Keeping in mind the above factors, you can easily choose between commonly used web tech stacks like LAMP, MEAN, .NET and so on. And, with the assistance of skilled web developers from a highly competent full stack development company, you can transform your dream project into fine quality web products.

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