Mobile App Gamification How to Gamify Your Mobile App

Mobile App Gamification: How to Gamify Your Mobile App?

Has your mobile app, off lately, not getting the attention that it deserves? Are users constantly ditching the app after using it for sometime? Then don’t worry; probably it’s time to do mobile app gamification.

Gamification is a way to make apps fun and entertaining for users. For this, you don’t have to completely redesign your app. Adding certain gaming elements is enough to trigger user interest and prompt them to try the app again and again. 

Now how is it done? Let’s read on.

What is Mobile App Gamification?

It is a marketing tactic wherein game dynamics are incorporated to a non-gaming mobile app for encouraging users to continue using the app, without abandoning it for better options. 

The basic principle of gamification is to influence human behavior, i.e., to give users a playful experience and a sense of achievement when interacting with gaming features. App Gamification improves user retention levels, increases user engagement, drives more traffic and helps your app to get more number of positive reviews. 

Gamification Features for Your Mobile App

There are different types of gaming elements that can arouse users’ curiosity and foster a healthy competitive spirit. Some of these include Rewards (In-app currency, digital goods, etc.), Quizzes, Competitions, Progress Display, Leaderboards, Badges, to name a few.

Many popular mobile apps from various industry sectors have integrated gamification techniques into their core offering. For example, Duolingo provides a gamified learning experience and motivates users with rewards. Habitica, a productivity app utilizes RPG game mechanics to help users adopt new habits.

How to Implement Mobile App Gamification?

If your mobile app is struggling to retain users, then you can adopt a well-structured app gamification strategy. But remember, gamification will help you achieve the desired results only if users are already familiar with your app.

Let’s take a look at the steps that will help you craft a successful mobile app gamification strategy.

Understand the Purpose 

The first step is to identify and understand the compelling reason(s) for adding gaming elements in your app. Is it to increase user engagement and drive more traffic? Or is it to create viral loops? Whatever be the reason, devise a suitable plan to realize it.

Know Your Target Audience

Track the behavior of your target audience and examine how they are interacting with your app. Also, understand user interests and preferences so that the suitable gaming features can be added.

Keep Gamification Simple

Simplicity should be at the core of app gamification; your users should not feel overwhelmed while engaging with the features. Keep the game rules simple and easy to understand.

Create Value for Users

Once users start accomplishing tasks at various levels of the game, incentivize them with small rewards. This will persuade them to stick on with the app for more bigger rewards and recognition.

Encourage Users to Share

Gamification would be incomplete without encouraging users to spread the word. For this, integrate all the major social media platforms to the app so that they can share their gaming experience and achievements with their friends and acquaintances.


Mobile app gamification is a powerful strategy for acquiring new users who will remain loyal to your brand and bring more revenue. So, if you haven’t gamified your app yet, just rope in the best mobile app development company to do it for you.

Let the games begin!

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