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Travel Guide App


Over the years, digital transformation has uplifted the tourism industry via innovative products that have made traveling a truly rewarding experience. So, a rising travel startup approached Scalans with an idea of creating a travel guide mobile app for their customers that would offer comprehensive information about the most popular tourist destinations of the world.


The client’s target audience were millennials; tech-savvy population who relied on technology for planning a memorable journey. To satisfy the needs of this market, Scalans developed the app by focusing on aesthetics, user-friendliness and succinct travel-related content.

All the essential features required to guide a travel enthusiast to undertake a stress-free journey are incorporated in the application – itinerary generator, hotel booking services, geo-tracking (using Google Maps SDK), washroom locator, currency converter, and many more. 

Smart algorithms were integrated in the app for collecting data from various travel-related websites. Thus, users can get all the important details about a tourist destination – the local restaurants, shopping centres, landmarks, city transport services, adventure and sightseeing options, etc. Other unique features include real-time weather forecasting of the place to be visited, facts about offbeat locations and 360° view of famous monuments.

Platform: iOS, Android & Backend Web App.
Technologies:  Swift Programming, iOS SDK, Java, Android SDK, React JS, NodeJS, MongoDB


The app was widely received by the client’s customers, particularly solo travelers who found it really helpful because of its value-added features that assisted them in every step of their journey. 

It literally replaced paper maps and guidebooks as all the relevant information was freely available 24×7; even in offline mode. Overall, ROI of the client increased within the first sixth months of launching the app.

“Software is eating the world. We are all just little vegetables floating around in software soup.”
– Joel Spolsky, CEO of Stack Overflow

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