Retail Survey Kiosk Application


A leading fashion retail approached Scalans to build a survey kiosk app for collecting real-time feedback from customers of its US-based clothing stores. The client wanted to develop a cross-platform mobile app that is capable to run seamlessly on iPads & Android tablets.


The goal of the project was to create a tool that would help customers to take on-premise surveys during or after shopping, by using kiosks (iPads and Android tablets) installed at various touchpoints in a store. For this, Scalans designed feedback forms containing a total of about 20+ tailor-made questions, each with five answer choices.

These were loaded into the software and we created the app with a clean and intuitive user interface having lesser number of aesthetic elements; although emojis and other similar icons were used for finer visual impression. 

The app has functionalities like 

  • Survey timer – for setting time to complete a survey,
  • Auto reset – for restarting a survey for a new customer, and 
  • Kiosk mode – for taking password-protected surveys to ensure privacy.

Also, the application can work in offline mode. The tool will continue to capture feedback even in the absence of WiFi, and once connection is restored, the data entered gets easily synced.

Platform: Cross-platform Mobile App
Tools:  React Native, Node JS, MongoDb, Restful API.


Fully automated surveys via the app aided in the real-time reporting of customer experience – their praises, complaints, preferences, expectations and the like. The client could monitor these responses on an admin dashboard and, on the spot, take necessary steps for corrective action.

Key industry metrics like NPS for each store could be understood through the surveys besides other critical customer insights. Overall, the client was able to refine customer strategy and boost brand reputation after implementing the survey kiosk app.

“Of all the things I’ve done, the most vital is coordinating those who work with me and aiming their efforts at a certain goal.” –
Walt Disney, Founder of Disney

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