Classifieds Application


A 4-member team of emerging entrepreneurs hired Scalans to create a classifieds app for enabling buying and selling of domestic goods and services, focused on six neighbourhoods of a small town. Client wanted an online marketplace that would bring together buyers and sellers on a common platform.


The clients insisted on developing a single mobile application for both buyers and sellers. A seamless user experience was what they expected from the app. So, the designers at Scalans created an easy-to-use UI which displays the main categories of products and services in icon pattern. These are complemented by advanced filters to refine searching. Popular and recently added ads also feature in the user interface.

Since the buyer and seller roles are defined in the same app, users need to just sign-up and create a personal profile to get started. Buyers can browse categories by selecting their respective neighbourhoods (from the drop-down menu); this is particularly useful for availing local services. They can compare prices, curate lists of their favorite items and also receive personalized product/service recommendations.

Sellers can post product/service ads, view reviews and ratings, track delivery of sold items and generate sales reports. Other app features include a highly secure payment gateway for digital transactions and a live chat platform. 

Platform: Web, iOS and Android


The app became an instant hit among the town residents; the clients gained a loyal user base because of the app’s intuitive UI laced with catchy designs and easy navigation controls that ensured a  smooth user journey.

It also inculcated a culture of online social buying and selling. Small shops and individuals were able to sell their products easily without having to invest much on marketing strategies.

“It’s not about working harder; it’s about working the system.”Evan Spiegel, CEO, SnapChat.

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