5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Today’s businesses are looking for cost-effective options to develop high-grade software solutions. The benefits of dedicated development teams have encouraged companies to contemplate offshoring their projects. But, before taking the big leap, there are certain points to consider; which, if ignored, can have far-reaching consequences.

Here, we discuss five big mistakes that should not be committed when hiring a dedicated development team.

  1. Not Interviewing Developers

Most businesses commit the mistake of not interviewing their dedicated development teams prior to hiring. Getting to know your dedicated developers first-hand is really important.

Conducting interviews can help analyze their communication skills, technical knowledge, industry experience, expertise in handling different tools, etc. You can also test them for their coding skills.

  1. Inconsistent Communication & Collaboration

Hiring an offshore team that focuses only on phone, video conferencing and emails for communication is a bad idea. The nuances of programming and other critical project information shouldn’t be lost due to miscommunication.

This is where Project Management and collaboration tools come to the rescue. These help in streamlining work processes and enhance visibility and transparency for both local and remote teams.

  1. Preferring Price over Value

A dedicated development team has cost benefits; but do you want to develop a substandard product just because the offshore company offers the cheapest prices?

Usually, low pricing has the disadvantage of inferior product quality and delayed delivery. So, hire a company that gives importance to the value of the product rather than its cost.

  1. Improper Software Documentation 

Poor or no documentation is definitely a red flag; it becomes difficult to trace or understand the source code, the main work processes, product specifications, testing strategies, etc.

Hence, before hiring a dedicated development team, ensure that the vendor follows best practices of software documentation. It’s a good idea to have a technical expert by your side to periodically review the code.

  1. Limiting Options to Cost and Distance

It could prove wrong to consider only the advantages of low development cost and geographical proximity when hiring a dedicated development team. First, do your research about the different offshoring locations – Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Select those countries that have the best talent with access to large pools and are still affordable. Zero in on those companies that value quality and have the best industry and technology expertise.


Hiring a dedicated team is the beginning of a long-term partnership; it shouldn’t turn out to be a complicated one. We recommend to plan well to avoid these mistakes and build best quality products for your business.

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