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5 Best Tools for Successful Remote Team Management

Offshore development is a sure-shot way to build quality products at affordable rates, but it does have its share of challenges.

One such problem is the inefficient  collaboration between local and remote teams due to the distance factor. Now, this can be eliminated by utilizing the best Project Management and team collaboration tools.

Here, we’ve collated five such tools that will help teams to work in tandem with each other.

  1. Jira

A project and bug tracking software of Atlassian, Jira is specifically used by agile software development teams. It gives a centralized overview of user stories, roadmaps, issue types, workflows and provides real-time insights about the progress of the project.

The in-built Scrum and Kanban boards enable in-house and offshore teams to customize workflows and monitor performance, thus, ensuring transparency.

  1. Trello

A Kanban-based task management software, Trello organizes project tasks into boards, cards and lists, and offers the flexibility to visualize tasks from start to finish.  

It acts as a one-stop collaborative location for project information; all team members get updated about the progress of each task – the completed ones, those that are pending, upcoming deadlines, etc.

  1. ProofHub

ProofHub is an all-in-one collaborative tool where teams can efficiently plan, organize, work and deliver projects on time without the constraints of geographical boundaries.

It has features like Online proofing, Group Chats, Notes, Timesheets, Calendar, Gantt charts, Custom roles, White-Labeling, and many more, that bring together teams and troubleshoot project management difficulties.

  1. Slack

An instant messaging platform, Slack helps remote and local teams to effectively communicate and collaborate with each other. It organizes conversations into open, private and shared channels according to projects, groups or topics.

This creates clarity about the work progress and team members can refer archived conversations in future to make better- informed decisions. 

  1. G Suite

Google Suite is a collection of productivity and collaboration tools developed by Google Cloud. It consists of Gmail, Hangouts, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Jamboard, App Maker, to name a few.

G Suite helps in real-time collaboration where teams can easily connect with each other, create new content, access, store and share files, manage devices and secure data. 


All the above mentioned tools can be smoothly integrated with each other. We recommend you to try out these tools for better management of offshore teams thereby, ensuring higher productivity and faster product delivery.

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